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The approach starts with listening to a clients’ previous experience with exercise and by building a solid foundation. We do this by correcting imbalances that may have arisen from past injuries or lifestyle choices (jobs, pregnancy, postural habits).

At the same time, key exercises are introduced and our clients build the ability to connect to their bodies and get confident with bodyweight movement. We then start to increase the intensity through a variety of methods setting smaller goals which we hit one after another.

We like consistency so we build resiliency through the training program which helps to avoid injury whilst keeping the workouts challenging and fun. The intensity of workouts are adapted to the stresses of work and life. Clients are pushed at appropriate times and not overtrained. We want to make workouts fun not frightening.  Consistency is key as that is what gives you results!!


Matt provides nutritional advice and works with dieticians to deliver food plans for clients in order to keep them on track.

How We Work

We operate Monday through to Saturday and our sessions are 60 minutes long.

To enquire about training please fill in the form below with as much detail as possible.

Unfortunately we do have limited availability , but we will try our best to help you out where possible.

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